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Halloween Party Treats

Halloween is one of the biggest commercial holidays in America, so it is also a great time to host a fun party! But there is no such thing as a party without a bunch of cute and tasty themed treats.  Here I put together a list of great food items to make and display at your Halloween themed party this year.  Not only are these all adorable, but they’re easy to make as well!

Pumpkin Pretzel Halloween Treats: 

Pumpkin Pretzels made by me.

These treats I made myself and gave a full explanation on how easy they are to make here.  They are super cute, festive, and tasty!

Rice Krispie Treat Monsters:


These adorable monsters from, linked here, are too adorable to pass up!

Witch Brooms: 


This recipe is from How stinkin’ easy are these? Yet still way cool!

4-Ingredient Bat Bites:


Made by, these cute bats are literally only 4 ingredients like the name says!

Dracula’s Dentures:


I found these on, what a toothy twist on the classic chocolate chip cookie! Yum.

Hopefully these recipes will help spookify your Halloween! Thanks for reading!


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